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Connor Salter

Connor Salter


Connor Salter qualified with a Masters degree in Chiropractic in 2000 from the School of Chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg.

With experience working in Warwickshire, Norfolk and Somerset, Connor has been settled in the Midlands for the past 9 years now. Most of this time has been working at the Northampton Chiropractic Clinic.

He has been involved with the training of new chiropractic graduates, been a speaker at Northampton General Hospital on the profession of chiropractic and enjoys giving talks at various venues including Women’s Institute invitations.

M. Tech Chiropractic, DC.

We can help in so many ways....

Low Back Pain

The 3 most common types of low back pain a chiropractor see's are from the lumbar facet joints, the sacroiliac joint or the intervertebral discs.  We're trained to diagnose these but only after ruling out other less common causes such as tumours, infections or neurological disease. 

Shoulder Pain

A very common presentation to chiropractic or physioHealth clinics is shoulder pain frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, impingement or AC joint sprain are examples. Some of these are due to obvious injury, others build up over time and are often due to problems with the positioning and control of the shoulder joints

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be acute or chronic, with or without headaches, injury related like whiplash or due to posture or even sleeping badly.  As with the low back its important to diagnoses whether the intervertebral discs, the facet joints, ligaments or muscles are causing the pain.

Head Aches

There is good evidence for treatment of cervicogenic headache which originate from the joints or muscles around the neck.  Treatment for migraine can be effective depending on the severity, although they can't be cured there is evidence of reduced frequency of attacks.


If you ride you know you make a lot of demands on your body. This can frequently take its toll and lead to a range of aches and pains. We can assess the best way to address these and treat you to help you get back in the saddle. Improve your posture and get the most out of your riding whether competing professionally or just riding for fun.


This is often experienced as pain that reaches to the back of your thigh. It may be felt as numbness, pins & needles or pain as far down as your foot/feet. The problem is often aggravated by driving, sitting and desk work. It has become so commonplace that our Chiropractors help sufferers every week.

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