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First Feet Reflexology

My name is Helen Lewis and I’m a fully qualified therapist who has been practising since 1999. I decided to train as a Reflexologist after having Reflexology for health issues, and being amazed at the results. I am fully insured and registered with the Association of Reflexologists; the UK’s largest and most established governing body. During my time as a therapist, I have gained wide experience and understanding of the therapy, and treated many varied health issues.

My work experience includes working in a hospice, a GP’s surgery, Complementary Health clinics and teaching treatments to parents of babies and young children. 


Reflexology is an ancient art and works on the theory that all the parts of the body are connected via massage points on the feet and hands. By manipulating them in a particular way, Reflexology can promote healing and restore balance for the recipient.

Reflexology is now one of the most commonly accepted methods for managing a vast range of symptoms. It is suitable for all ages and works well alongside other types of treatment; both orthodox and complementary.

Reflexology is performed by massaging the feet. It is gentle, non- invasive, relaxing and completely natural. 

During the treatment, some clients feel a pleasant tingling or warming sensation on various parts of the body, which may indicate that the circulation is changing in that area and the body is trying to rebalance.


First Appointment


Baby up to age 5


Appointments Thereafter


Child up to 16 years


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