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Personal Training with Angela Sergeant

I am a qualified personal trainer with over 10 years experience in health and fitness, I specialise in improving the health and wellbeing of individuals through exercise.

Fitness has different meanings to different people and as your personal trainer I will create your sessions personal to your needs. 

What does fitness mean to you? You may see fitness as a tool to lose weight, tone or build muscle, increasing self esteem and confidence along the way. Perhaps fitness means future health  investments and you are wanting to prevent, manage and in some cases reverse a health condition. Everyone can benefit from taking part in exercise. Find out how you can benefit by contacting me at KB therapy clinic.


Services available:

Children's trainer (5 years to 17 years old)


•Individual fitness activity and group sessions available

•Children/Family 8 week health course - healthy eating and exercise

•Family fitness sessions - get fit together


Adults personal trainer (18years-plus)

• Group fitness to music burn calories and tone. 

• Group circuits 

• Train with friends - small group personal training 

• One to one personal training. 


Specializes in:

Weight loss


Body building

Managing health conditions 


Qualified to support clients in managing mild to moderate conditions: 

Simple mechanical back pain



Diabetes type 1 and 2




High blood pressure

High cholesterol




Price list

One to one £30 per hour

Small group of two £17  pp per hour

Small group of three £14 pp per hour 

Small group of four £10 pp per hour

Small group of five £8 pp per hour


Group session prices £8 per hour

Children's group £5 per hour

Families - message for price 

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